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Working together to help children succeed

Programs for Success

Lancaster Promise Neighborhood strategically supports both parents and students from cradle to career. Our pathway of programs focuses on Nine Key Components for Success.

1 Baby College / Early Care

Our Baby College/Early Care program promotes the success of parents, caregivers, and children between the ages of 0 and 3. This program provides new and expectant parents and caregivers with the ins and outs of early childhood development. We see newborns as future college graduates, community role models, and leaders. Our goal is to help them succeed along with their support system.


Program Highlights

  • Includes a curriculum that covers all essential topics for children from age zero to three
  • Allows participants to develop a sense of community with classmates and form new friendships that offer support, empathy, and laughter
  • After completing the program, graduates leave with a wealth of parenting knowledge and confidence

2 High-Quality Childcare

Lancaster Promise Neighborhood offers childcare that comes second to none in the Lancaster, SC, area. When your child is in our care, you can rest assured they are in good hands. We care for every child like our own, treat them respectfully, and keep their personal development in mind.

Program Highlights

  • Consists of top-notch childcare designed to contribute to children’s well-being
  • Provides parents and caregivers with support by allowing their children to be cared for while they are away at work
  • Contributes to children’s personal development

3 Student Support

Student support is vital for a student’s success. Lancaster Promise Neighborhood has all the needed resources to support students in the best way possible. From an experienced and caring staff to various student engagement and support services, we equip students with tools that set them up for long-term success.

We Offer the Following Student Support Services to Students in Kindergarten Through the 12th Grade:

  • Read Right: Reading support.
  • Good Behavior Game: A classroom management program.
  • Accelerated Middle School Program: Intensive instruction and remediation to enable students to progress on grade level.
  • Career Cluster Academy: Career development and coaching for students in high school.
  • MATHia Algebra System: Professional development to facilitate student performance in algebra.
  • Prevention Services: Prevention services focused on violence, substance abuse, etc.
  • School-Based Mental Health: Counseling support services.
  • Academic Case Management: Academic case managers, student and family support, home visitation.
  • Check & Connect: Student engagement and support services.

Program Highlights

  • Provides continued support for students to set them up for success
  • Gives children the tools necessary to expand their knowledge and improve life skills and their well-being

4 Extended Academic Day

Extended Academic Day provides students with after-school academic services. These services consist of a combination of after-school instruction, nutrition, and enrichment.

Program Highlights

  • Allows students to receive additional instruction to help improve grades and increase knowledge and skills
  • Keeps students active and healthy with physical fitness
  • Educates students on nutrition for a healthy diet

5 College / Career

Lancaster Promise Neighborhood offers support to help students transition into college and their careers. From assisting students in preparing for college to providing support during college, we give students the resources they need to reap the benefits of a college education.


We offer the following college and career services:

  • SAT Prep Clinics: Preparation for college admissions testing.
  • Summer STEM Camp: Tutoring and enrichment conducted on campus.
  • Summer Bridge Program: Summer component to transition students into college.
  • College Awareness and Support: Assist students and families with preparation for postsecondary education.
  • Advanced Placement / Dual Enrollment: Rigorous coursework to facilitate college enrollment and success.

Program Highlights

  • Provides support and resources to help students prepare and transition into college and their careers

6 Neighborhood Revitalization / Pride

Lancaster Promise Neighborhood takes pride in our school zone neighborhoods and strives to help bring out their full potential. Lancaster Pride allows us to provide neighborhood revitalization and support with continuation and expansion funding.

Program Highlights

  • Restores community pride through neighborhood revitalization efforts

7 Health / Medical Home

Public health is important to Lancaster Promise Neighborhood. Our Health/Medical Home services promote health awareness at both school and home.

Services Include:

  • Health Promotion and Support: Health awareness and supports to school and home.
  • Nutrition Support and Engagement: Teaching kitchen, community garden, parent and school support.

Program Highlights

  • Provides public health awareness and support for the entire school zone
  • Allows the community to learn a variety of skills and knowledge related to nutrition

8 Training / Staffing

At Lancaster Promise Neighborhood, we pride ourselves on having exceptional training and staffing. Our training ensures that every staff member acquires the knowledge and skills to effectively mentor, teach, care for children, and support students, parents, and caregivers. Our attention to training and staffing ensures we have the most qualified people in place to drive the success of all our programs.

Program Highlights

  • High-quality training to set staff members, students, parents, and caregivers up for success
  • Allows Lancaster Promise Neighborhood to consist of qualified individuals to run every program efficiently and effectively.

9 Data / System

Lancaster Promise Neighborhood has a data system to measure progress in our school zone. The data system considers the programs offered and their effectiveness in helping students, parents, and caregivers obtain the knowledge, skills, and support they need to succeed in the best way possible.

Program Highlights

  • Allows valuable data to be gathered and analyzed to help improve the overall program.
  • Ensures that Lancaster Promise Neighborhood is continuously making progress regarding setting everyone involved in our programs up for success from “cradle to career.”

Service Providers


Help Us Help Children and Families Succeed

Lancaster’s Promise Neighborhood is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty in the city’s poorest areas by funding free programs through service providers to children, parents, and caregivers. We offer child care, health care, academic assistance, and more. Contact us today to learn more and become a part of our promise to help children succeed from “cradle to career.”