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Our History

Our History 

     The Lancaster Promise Neighborhood represents an exceptional collaboration dedicated to employing all necessary measures within our designated area to empower, fortify, and educate families. Our primary goal is to rekindle community pride and guarantee academic success for every child from infancy to adulthood. Situated within a 6.2 square mile radius, our zone encompasses economically disadvantaged neighborhoods, spanning the entirety of South Carolina. 


     The concept of Promise Neighborhood began with the Harlem Children’s Zone. We are the first Promise Neighborhood program to be funded by the USDOE in South Carolina. Lancaster County Partners for Youth is the grant recipient and fiscal agent.


     Promise Neighborhood is strategically focused to support Clinton Elementary, A.R. Rucker Middle School and Lancaster High Schools parents and students. This area of focus is based on these neighborhoods being the most impoverished in our county. In fact, Census Tracts 107 and 108 which is included in this zone are federally recognized opportunity zones due to their abject economic distress.

     A project whose mission to do whatever it takes with the community to make sure every child who lives in the zone has the opportunity for success, Promise Neighborhood is a pathway of transformational programs focused on nine key components to include community revitalization, health living, data integrity, and educational enrichment.

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